Black nightingale AND antigona...too redundant?

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Black medium antigona AND black medium nightingale? Redundant?

  1. Yes- they are way too similar.

  2. Yes- but getting a SMALL black antigona would make it different enough!

  3. No- go for it!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'd really appreciate your opinions on whether getting a medium black antigona would be a mistake since I already have a medium black nightingale. I don't have any other black bags other than a Chanel reissue 226, so it's not really an issue of too many black bags. While I like the antigona in other colors, I think the black antigona just looks SO elegant and classy. But I'm worried it looks way too similar to my nightingale. Thoughts? Thanks in advance for your opinions!
  2. Especially if they are different leathers, I don't think it's too redundant. The Antigona is so much more structured than the Nightingale, the handles and strap are different, etc.
  3. I dont think so. I have black medium nightingale and I am considered buying antigona and i will buy it in black color. There's something about black antigona that makes me want to buy it even more :love:
  4. The gale and antigona are such different bags, you'll be just fine IMO.
  5. I have Chanel black and antigona black too, I think the antigona goes so nice with black IMO
  6. So true, I mean I try to stay away from black bags but black antigona is really classy and edgey!!!
  7. I sold my black nightingale to fund for a black antigona. I find both black bags to be redundant and especially since they're both same brands. :smile:
  8. I think the Antigona and Nightingale are so different in terms of structure and leather. They are very different bags. Don't buy the Antigona in a different colour if the black really speaks to you. You'll regret it.

    This is however coming from someone with 6 black bags. :lol:
  9. Thanks for all of the opinions!

    Denises, now that you have your antigona, are you glad that you sold the nightingale to fund it? Or do you have any regrets? I also thought about selling my black nightingale and getting a black antigona and a nightingale in another color, but I feel like I would lose too much $$ in the process :sad:
  10. Hi Mellee!

    The reason I sold my nightingale was because the one I had was in goatskin and I didn't like how bottom of the bag sagged when I didn't have too much stuff inside. And it was also too big for everyday use. So I decided to get the antigona (in small though) because I think it is just so classy and elegant yet at the same time it has a coolness to it. So yes, no regrets!

    Hope this helps you with your decision! ;)