Black Neo Cabby Owners, How much do you love her?

  1. Well, my SA just called and my Black PM Neo Cabby is waiting for me at the Boutique, I waitlisted after the fact so I was hoping that it'd come in later since I just bought a ton of LV in the last couple of months, my little boy will be here soon, and I am getting the Damier Sophie in August. She said if I don't get one now it'll be awhile because Paris is waaay backlisted on the particular bag in that color.

    So, the predicament, get her now while I can or wait? I am totally, totally in love with this bag and the denim line. I have the Baggy in Blue and Neo Speedy in Fuschia, but the Neo Cabby is prefect due to its size and shoulder carrying ability (perfect for me with my kids). To make me want her more, I saw a 60 year old woman with the exact same bag today ROCKING IT!! and when I saw her I knew that if she had one I needed one too.

    Anyhow, I need assurances from those who have her that she is indeed as hot as I think she it!!!!

    Enable away, everyone!
  2. I don't have the bag but I will enable...I say you go for it, why not might as well it's sitting there just waiting to go home with you!!!! Plus it sounds like your really in love with it so I don't see any reason not to.
  3. I have it!!! LOVE it!!!!! It's a must have for the denim lover!!! Congrats on your baby boy!!!!!
  4. PM? I thought the sizes were MM or GM.
  5. Yea the smaller size is MM. I picked this baby up yesterday and I really do LOVE it. After seeing Jill's pics last week I unexpectedly fell for the bag, went down to the boutique and put my name on the list. I got the first one at the store and I was thrilled when I saw it the first time IRL, it really lived up to my expectations. It is the perfect size, and the option to hand carry or shoulder carry it is very useful. I took it out today and couldn’t stop looking at its reflection when I passed a mirror. I was not planning on buying this (or any) bag for quite a while, but I do not regret it one bit. Go for it, as we know it is a popular style and you don’t know when the chance could come up again.
  6. I have her and I luve her!!! Useful and spacious in every way... got it!!
  7. I am also waitlisted for the neo cabby here in Dubai. so far they only received the blue one (which by the way is beautiful too but I already have a lot of blue denim LV).

    Go for it! The neo cabby is absolutely beautiful and stands out from other lines. More convenient also with the black handles as opposed to the vachetta once the baby is here. Vachetta might get stained from milk, wipes and so on.
    Does that justify the purchase enough for you?
  8. GO for it! It is seriously a gorgeous bag! I'm thinking about getting one!
  9. Jill's pics were what got me to try the bag IRL. I love that the bag is roomy and lightweight. Go try it on. What's the worst that could happen?
  10. Get It! I got one and love it, although I haven't used it yet....It is a great bag!
  11. I picked mine up last Saturday and carried her that night, i love it!! it's adorable. I can't wait to carry her again this weekend.
    Definitely --- Get it!!!
  12. I have it! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! I have spent so much money in the last few months, but who cares right????
  13. Thanks guys. I am going to pick her up as soon as I send hubby to the movies. I am wearing a cute black outfit to the Boutique to make sure she's a "GO." BANNED for sure after this no matter how much I end up falling in love with the new Speedies.
  14. I have them and I adore them..I havent stopped wearin the black one yet..LOL!!!!!!
  15. Go for it! Can't wait to see your pics when you bring her home.:nuts: