Black neo cabby mm or Beverly mm ? poll


help me choose, black neo cabby mm or Beverly MM

  1. Black neo cabby MM

  2. Beverly MM

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  1. Which one would you choose?
  2. Black Neo Cabby...I returned my Beverly!

    Good Luck!
  3. Black neo cabby :love:
  4. sorry, between the two, t's an easy one for me, neo cabby for sure
  5. this is a pretty difficult one cus i like both and plans to get them myself in the future. i'd say get the beverly now.. and the cabby later :p
  6. i called 166 , there is not one black neo cabby in the us:crybaby: and the rep Karen said she wasnt sure they would be coming back. I thought it was avaible for a few seasons.
  7. Ugh, I'm sorry. I know that the black was harder to get. I would try calling some stores on your own, I've been able to find bags on my own when the 866# said they were "completely sold out".

    Good Luck!
  8. there are a 'few' in canada. and it just recently got released, i think chances are good that they will get replsnishment order, so, dom't give up
  9. Don't give up. Call stores close to you and see if they have any. Try talking to your SA and see if they can locate one for you. A lot of times 866 is wrong. I would definitely get the black neo cabby. It's such a hot bag!!
  10. I'd say Beverly, it's more classy, Neo Cabby is super casual, I passed on it.
  11. Cabby all the way!
  12. i have both and i love them, but if you had to get one now get the Neo-Cabby MM first, because it's harder to come by and the Beverly will still be around in the long run

    on the other hand, you could also get the Beverly first, because the Neo-Cabby is supposed to be around for a while, and when the hype dies down you'll be able to get one more easily
  13. I say Neo Cabby if they get restocked. Keep checking eluxury as well. They didn't have the black neo cabby gm either, then one day last week they got some in and sold them all within a day. Good luck!
  14. Cabby! My current favorite bag. :love:
  15. Neo cabby for sure!