black neo cabby gm vs. palermo gm vs. bloomsbury

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  1. Ok, I have narrowed my choices down to the cabby, palermo, and the new bloomsbury. I love the neo cabby but really didn't want to pay 2k... it's so beautiful though... plus it would be a new line to add to my collection.

    How does the denim line hold up? As I have mentioned in a previous post, I am expecting a baby in July and looking for a bag that won't necessarily be a baby bag but I'm sure I will be substituting it for the baby bag occasionally. It is also very important that I be able to carry the bag across my body.

    What are your thoughts on the differences between these three bags... Which would you choose and why?

    Thoughts??? :confused1:
  2. I like the neo cabby but if you don't want to pay that price then go for the bloomsbury .. it is a great casual bag:tup:
  3. the denim does fade. the mono and damier are def more durable. might i suggest the trevi??
  4. Palermo
  5. I like the neo cabby best
  6. I was goinging to get the Neo Cabby (which I still love) before the Palermo. If you can get both do, but the Palermo is going to work better for you.
  7. palermo !
  8. i agree neo cabby is beautiful. for the price i'll be afraid to use it around baby since i'm not sure how well it'll live with baby related stain. monogram & damier is much easier since u just need to wipe it down and all will be fine.
  9. Neo Cabby! I have the GM and i always go shpg with my 2 kids (7yrs old & 15mths).
    It's a NO WORRY bag and hands free all the time!

    If you don't want to pay that price then go for the bloomsbury MM!

    I've tried the Bloomsbury before and it's a nice & spacious bag!
    If i don't have the Neo Cabby, definitely will buy the Bloomsbury MM.
    For me buy 2 similar (sling bag) is a quite silly decision.. Just my 2cents..
  10. Neo Cabby!!
  11. I prefer the Cabby :yes:
  12. bloomsbury for me..
    (it's next on my wishlist..) ;)
  13. if you dont want to spend the 2k, go for the bloomsbury - its slim great for when you are carrying your baby, wear across your body, easy cleanups for baby incidents...its hands free and thats what you'll look for. we all know how well the canvas holds up.

    the denim has held up well so far - but you dont want to get spills on it, thats for sure especially when it does cost double the bloomsbury. you will be able to wear cross your body (i'd go for the GM - longer strap) and the handles, not sure how important that is to you - makes it more versatile!
    you can definitely fit alot into the neo cabby - i suggest, checking out the width size of the bloomsbury

  14. The Neo Cabby! I have the MM and I looooove it:heart::love:
  15. neo cabby.....also a great travel bag and i have not had any problems with fading...