Black Neo Cabby bag! Newbie Questions!

  1. hello all :tup:

    I'm an LV Newbie and have just 3 small questions to ask.

    I am really interested in the Black Neo cabby :yahoo:


    1) what's the difference between the 'MM' and 'GM'? as in the sizes?

    2) Is it part of the Permanent collection? Is it new?

    3) how much is the Black Neo Cabby?

    4) Lol i know i said 3 Q's only. Does anyone have modelling pics??

    Thanks alll!!! your all stars!!!!!;)
  2. Hiya
    The Neo Cabby MM is 15.3" x 10.2" x 4.7"
    And is £740.

    & The Neo Cabby GM is 17.5" x 12.8" x 4.7"
    And is £850.

    The both come in either Blue Denim or Black Denim has black handles, But the blue has normal handles.
    Yep it is new , and i believe it is permanent (Someone please correct me if i'm wrong!)

    And you can find lot's of pictures of the Neo Cabbys here :

  3. 1.) MM= Medium size; GM= Large size

    2.) It is new and will be permanent.

    3.) Price for MM- $1,500 USD; Price for GM- $1,720 USD

    4.) As for modeling pics, try looking in the "Visual Aids" thread under the LV Reference Library section or try using the search feature above. ;)