black nail polish??

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  1. Sorry,i dont know if there is a thread on this already but...
    What do you guys think of black nail polish?
    I personally think it can look very chic when paired with the right clothing,and that it is not only saved for the "goth" or "punk"look.
    These stars rock the black polish,and make it look very trendy.



  2. i think it looks ok in fashion magazines, but i have only seen one person out of many (manymanymany) pull it off in real life.

    it's a trend i'm personally passing on. i tried it in the confines of my living room and just looked like an angsty teenager with too much free time and not enough problems. :smile:
  3. I think I did black a lot when I was an angsty teen, hehe.
  4. Tried it too, didn't work.

    I think the upkeep is what makes it difficult. Chipped nail polish is bad, but chipped black nail polish just looks awful.

    I'm pretty sure Misha doesn't have to do dishes! :biggrin:
  5. I'm wearing black nail polish right now. Its easier to find now with Halloween around the corner and I'm lovin' it.
  6. I like it on my toes. At first, I really didn't like it but when I dressed up for an office event last night, it looked really good with my outfit. I think it just depends on the outfit.
  7. I have worn it since Chanel Black Satin came out and I love can look chic with the right outfit
  8. I don't do black anymore. When I was 17 and wearing a spiked dog collar every day, it was fine. I still like dark colors, but I go for the very dark red or brown that looks close to black instead.
  9. It looks great with all black clothing, otherwise it is too severe.
  10. i wore it on my toes a lot this summer, but i wasn't a fan on my finger nails. looks great on the celebs though
  11. I like it on others, but not me.
  12. I love love love black polish........:yes:
  13. hmmm, this summer i might have to give this black nail polish a go - i generally paint my toes a bright/magenta pink colour! hehehe!
  14. I love it. I think it's super chic, though right now I'm going for more of a dark red. I've been rocking black nail polish regularly since I was a gothy teenager though. :P
  15. I'm wearing OPI black satin right now and I rotate it with OPI red (clean candy apple red) for fun :P