Black Nail Polish?

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I noticed while watching the Olympics, that a lot people (celebs, regular folks, athletes...) are wearing black nail polish.

    Is it a trend? Just curious?

  2. yeah i would say it's a big trend. not sure how long it'll be 'in'. Dark colors in general, not just black. Navy blue, cherry black, etc. is popular too. i love it on short nails. there's a thread floating around here somewhere..
  3. I still love black nail polish, and navy and darks in general. I don't see it going out of style anytime soon.
  4. Here in France i would say it is!Right now I'm wearing black too on my fingernails.
  5. I'm wearing black on my toes with a little sparkle topcoat so as not to look like I've injured my toes ;)
  6. I have always worn dark colors.... and now its in fashion.. so its so much easier for me to find it. :smile:
  7. blacks and dark shades will be in for a while (in my humble opinion). I love dark shades of red, blue, and plum, especially in the winter as they look great against pale skin. Thinking about it, they look good on me all year round as I live in soggy england, august and raining buckets, life isnt fair!!!!
  8. same here. i think in terms of "trend" that it comes in and out, but it never really goes away. there are those who do it while it's trendy, and those who just love the look.
  9. I see it a lot also. I personally don't wear it but i do like the really dark cherry/burgundy/almost black colors.
  10. Yeah, I dont think blacks been "out" cos last Summer it was in fashion as well. You should check out alllacqueredup's blog for all the nail updates. Love that site!
  11. Still in! I figured it'd be over before my bottle was half gone, but I was wrong.
  12. black on my toes!! :wlae: (also been watching the Olympics.....haven't noticed the black nails...hmm, gonna have to pay extra attention!) LOL!
  13. I have black on my tosies as well!! Normally on my fingers I use a really dark purple.
  14. Hmm... so it's the color to wear... Something to consider.

    You all don't think it looks to rocker chick like or goth?