Black Nail Polish...

  1. I want to buy some black nail polish for Halloween. I want a glossy, non-sparkly jet black. But I REFUSE to spend the money on Chanel Black Satin.

    Has anyone tried MAC? Or OPI? How does it compare? What are some affordable alternatives? I don't want to spend more than $10. TIA! :heart:
  2. I have the MAC Nocturnelle, but I haven't used it yet so I can't give reviews. I also have the Chanel ceramic noir, which is gorgeous.

    Check out I think they recently had a write up on dark polish. It's a great site!
  3. ^ That's a great site. Thanks!

    I went ahead and ordered MAC Nocturnelle, because it looked gorgeous in her pics. I live is such a conservative area. There is NO store that has black polish on the shelves. I've looked everywhere. The only kind I've found is kids polish for Halloween, but it's really crappy. :confused1:

    I hate paying shipping on something as cheap as nail polish, but I had something else I wanted from Nordies, so I just ordered it from there...
  4. Well, I'm a bit late now but I *think* L'Oreal used to make a jet black nail varnish. Let us know how you like the MAC!
  5. I have that same polish. It's Patent Black Silver (limited edition). It's called that but goes on shiny black with no shimmer.
  6. Best black I have used is OPI Black Onyx. Really good coverage and totally black, glossy and no glitter.
  7. ^^^That's what I have my nail tech use for my pedicures. I love black toenails with some artwork on my big toenail. I sprung for a manicure a few weeks ago, which I normally don't bother with because I'm lucky if I get nail polish to last two days on my fingernails. I got five full days out of the OPI so I was thrilled (and plan on getting my nails done more often too!).
  8. You know, I used to paint my nails black with the cheapo NYC Black that you find for about a buck at Longs. It worked great - lots of sheen, no sparkles, and looked fab with short short nails.
  9. I used to wear the black Wet n Wild. It costs 99 cents & goes on super glossy w/no shimmer.
  10. I'm not sure if they make it anymore or not but a couple of years ago I picked up "Black Satin" from the OPI tuxedo collection. Love it!!
  11. Just a tip for you nail polish use to chip within a few days of getting a manicure...I go to this spa now and they use super high quality stuff (i.e top coat) and my nail polish has not budged and its been a week (full of cleaning, moving, etc).
  12. I picked up my black nail polish at CVS. I believe the brand is called "Milani" and the color is called Black Magic.
  13. ^^I love Milani nail colors
  14. i am still using my urban decay polish in black- i'm sad that they no longer make nail color
  15. LOL honestly for black... i bought the wet n wild $1 nail color at like walmart. looks fine to me. just get a good top coat. i use essie