black nail polish

  1. i've noticed that Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Ritchie have been wearing black nailpolish lately... i thought it was a no no, that only goth rockers did... so is it chic now??????
  2. Ashlee Simpson does it a lot, too. Maybe it's acceptable now in fashion?
  3. I've loved black nail polish for years, and it's not just a goth thing! I was so sad a few months back when Urban Decay stopped making nailpolish, as they were the only brand I'd found that made decent black nailpolish. Anybody have any suggestions? I've been saving my last bottle for when I really, really, really want to use it, so I don't use it up or risk it drying out from opening and closing too much. I remember back when I was in high school Chanel put out "Vamp" and that was the hot sh*t look for a year or two (even though I'd been wearing the same color for years made by Wet 'n' Wild :P). I'm guessing that's just back in again. :smile:
  4. kezza, i think dark reds/purples are much more chic than starck black. thats just my style, though... i think you can probably find a decent black polish at essie or opi which have every imaginable color... i remember about 10 years back when everyone was wearing blue nailpolish, and me trying to be a cool teenager, i wore a hard candy pale blue and my mom would cringe!! anyway, especially on Lohan who always has chapped polish and bad manicures, black nailpolish looks just plain wrong... at least on ashlee ( in the pics at the nose job thread) she has a proper manicure and black looks kinda sleek, belgian designer-style. does that make sense? lol !!!
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  6. wow... huge post. sorry
  7. I've been wearing black nailpolish for a couple years now. It's definitely not goth... You have to look at the whole package to determine if someone is goth... clothes, attitude, makeup, etc. not just nails. =)
  8. Thanks for the tip, OPI does indeed have a black, I'm going to order some from Amazon (never seen it at my local beauty supply shops, so I didn't know they made it) and maybe it'll be as good as the UD stuff. Man, that was the only black polish that was really black, even with only one coat. The rest are all cheap and gray. :sad: All this talk about dark polish has me wanting to do a super deep red . . . maybe I'll stop by Sally's and pick up a new shade on my way home from work tonight! :biggrin:

  9. Wet n wild is the only black nail polish I can find too, but I find it works well... and it's only .99 cents! I did a test and put different nail polish brands on each finger (at the risk of looking silly with different colored nails) and the most expensive bottle was the one to chip off FIRST. and the cheapest one lasted the longest! How strange is that? Wet n Wild outlasted ALL of them. :blink: Expensive things do not = quality!

  10. wet n wild is black with 2 coats, but for .99 cents it's worth it! ;)
  11. I have a cheap brand of black polish that I bought when I was on vacation a few years ago. I don't remember the brand but it's great (and black with one coat!) If I dig it out of my nail polish drawer I'll let you all know the brand, but I remember that I had never heard of it.
  12. I've tried a lot of black nail polishes and my favorite is from Hot Topic. It's cheap and the color is very dark. Go buy a bottle and try it out.
  13. I've been rocking black nail polish since I was in high school in NYC when CHANEL broke out with the hottest color "VAMP" a deep dark bloody red black! It was the mid nineties and people were like "EW, black nail polish" I loved it!!! I've been wearing black ever since. I've tried black polish from every line from CHANEL to Wet n' Wild. I've been using "jet black" by Brucci. They sell it in Duane Reade and its only $2.00. It makes me feel like a Goth Barbie since I have a punky streak to me!!! :P
  14. LOL even I want to try it now, and I was the one who started the thread saying I didn't like it! but i don't know any of the cheap brands you mention, we don't have them here in Europe... Is there any chance Maybelline or some brand like that might have a dark polish i might like? i guess i'll start with dark red, because black seems too radical to try at once.
  15. Not sure if they still make it, but Revlon used to have this awesome gray/purple shimmer color called "thunder," and a navy blue called "ink." Those were great shades, esp "ink." You might be able to find those in Europe.