black nail polish

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  1. do you think chanel black satin is still ok for summer?
  2. I personally think it's starting to look a little last-season (plus, black polish looks a little too heavy with summer clothes, IMO.) I've been wearing bright pinks and corals on my toes, sheer neutrals on my tips. I also hear white is the new "in" color :tup:
  3. Wear whatever you like.
  4. i don't think blk polish looks good in the summer. Summer is for fun colors.
  5. I do. I'm wearing it right now.
  6. every fashion mag is saying black is no more, and if you like dark go with darker purples. i love white, it goes well with my skin.
  7. I wear black on my toes. I'm not liking it in the summer on fingers.
  8. I still wear dark nail polish because I personally don't like girly colors such as pink or corals. I either go with a french manicure or OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, which is a dark purple color.
  9. I don't care what fashion magazines say, so I still wear black nail polish and I totally love it (I have been wearing it since the early Nineties :smile:).
  10. Black nail polish is so classy when worn the right way. It looks so elegant with a black and white ensemble. Try it with linen, silk, and other light weight summer fabrics and it won't look out of place at all!

    The only advice I have is that you keep your nails short. Long and black would be too much
  11. I'd say it's ok. Mainly because I don't like the colours for summer very much. I'm still wearing Chanel's Vamp.
  12. I think black nail polish will come back this winter. Right now I just want to wear light color for summer. But really, you should wear whatever you want and don't listen or follow magazines.
  14. For a sparkly lighter black I switched to Chanel's Noir Ceramic for summer.
  15. toes yes fingers no! I must say i think black nail polish looks sexy though. haha.