Black muse on sale

  1. Has anyone found the Black muse on sale anywhere????:confused1:
  2. I haven't seen it on sale and I from what I know and have heard, I don't think it will be on sale. Black is timeless and it wasn't a fashion color for the season. I know that the olive, red, purple and a shade of lighter brown went on sale.
  3. I spent some time calling several YSL boutiques as well as Nordstrom. They all said that the black was not on sale so I had to cave and pay full price for a black large at my local Nordies.
  4. Can you post a picture of it when you get it? I've never heard of the bag but am interested in knowing what it looks like. TIA
  5. If you're curious as to looks, just check out the YSL reference library in this forum. A bunch of us have Muse bags. Mine is ivory and I posted photos... there are a bunch of others as well.
  6. Ok, thanks!!! I'll check it out.