Black Multicolore - Which one???


Which Black Multicolore bag???

  1. Aurelia MM

  2. Lodge

  3. Priscilla

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  1. So, I'm looking for a new Black MC bag to carry for everyday that can also cross over into evening. Please tell me which one you prefer - these seem similar... my choices are: AURELIA MM, LODGE or PRISCILLA.... Alma is out because of the Vachetta bottom, not sure I'm ready to drop $2K on a Speedy. Thanks in advance for your help!!!!:yes:
  2. out of the choices you gave i'd go with the aurelia. but i do like the audra in black mc.
  3. vote for Aurelia if you want a rommy and shoulder bag or go for priscilla if you want hand held :smile: I personally not too keen Lodge, it's unpractice and too small
  4. I like the Priscilla the best!
  5. I just got the black Priscilla, and she is very feminine!
    Love her!
  6. Priscilla is the prettiest, IMO.
  7. Personally, I like the Aurelia MM.
    I think it would depend on if you had a preference between shoulder and hand-held bags....
  8. I like both the aurelia and priscilla
  9. Priscilla is pretty
  10. My favorite is Priscilla...:yes:
  11. I really want a priscilla, so I will vote for it!
  12. I like the Priscilla!
  13. The PRISCILLA gets my vote. :biggrin:
  14. :rolleyes: It's a landslide for the Priscilla! I think its a great looking bag, I'm a little torn because Id like to try the Amarante Rosewood, but I do need a black MC purse... will post pics when I make my buy!!

    Thanks to everyone for helping me!! I really appreciate it...
  15. Priscilla!