Black Multicolor Speedy

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  1. Does anyone have a pic of themself carrying a black multicolor speedy?

    I have never been able to try this bag on in person (only the white) and am curious how it looks while carried.

    Does anyone own one? How do you like it? It seems to match with everything just like the white MC speedy.
  2. i don't, but i'd love to see some pics~~~
  3. I have this bag but no pictures of me with it :sad: Anyway, it, just like the white does go with everything! The closest picture I have is from last summer of my mom carrying might help lol..I have the Cerises Speedy in this picture.
    She has it turned around, by the way lol.
  4. ohh~~~, you look so cute with that cerises speedy, you mom looks great too:biggrin: !!!
  5. Thanks hehe. I love the Cerises Speedy..I like the multicolore ones too but I can never fill them up all the way haha. I don't know what I'll do when I get the Miroir's a 34! Lol..
  6. Oh thanks. That helps. :yes:

    Anyone else?
  7. Irene has one ...
  8. Where's the picture?!? I'm seeing a red x!
  9. I have it but I'll have to take a pic for you later. It's a stunning bag.
  10. here you go

  11. Oh great. Is it a close up pic? That would be SO great! :biggrin:
  12. I don't have a pic of me wearing it, but here it is all brand new with my white mc speedy... :heart:
  13. Thanks :P
  14. the multicolor speedy is so nice.
  15. LVbabydoll: your mom's speedy is so gorgeous! The black speedy is my planned next purchase, but my mom would never wear it. Or any other LV :sad: She thinks it's too expensive and is scared she'll "might ruin it" even though I'm much rougher with my LV's than she is with her bags (I'm still a neat freak with my bags though :P) However, LV is opening in my country this october, so then I'll try to get some money from my dad and buy her something in epi or damier where she don't have to think about the naked vachetta etc. Oh, ranting from me, but it's late, and I'm bored, so forgive me:P