Black Multi Pocket

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  1. I bought a large black multi pocket from Saks today. Do you guys think this is a good bag that will be usable years down the road? My mom said that the hardware might make it look dated.
  2. the hardware on the multipocket is what gives it that Classic look. several MJ bags have the front two pockets: The Venetia, Blake, the older Anouk, Sophia and Stella styles. It's practically the basic way to spot Marc Jacobs bags (although many other popular styles do not have these pockets)!
  3. That's funny you should ask. I just got a large, black multipocket from Saks for Valentine's Day from my husband. I absolutely love it! However, my mother's first comment was that she really did not care for the hardware. I am not sure at what age you feel you are old enough to stop having to please your mom. Anyway, I love mine, but when mother is around I know she secretly cannot stand it!
  4. I say it's very classic. I often think of the pockets as one of the best MJ "looks". And in black too, I think you would be able to carry it as long as you want, it won't look dated, IMO. Congrats!!!
  5. the pushlocks dated?! no way! it's mj's signature. i love the large mp and in black with the gold hardware. that's a great bag. congrats! perhaps your mother is used to something more classic. you love it right? i hate to sound cliché, but that's what matters here. you should post pics!
  6. I :heart: the pushlocks! I don't think it's dated at all. It's definitely one of the things that drew me to MJ's. I think all that matters is that you love it :flowers:
  7. Love the pushlocks too, they've been around for about 6 yrs now. The large black mp is my grab and go bag, goes with everything, holds a ton and looks fab. Agree with everybody here you must love it, if you're not sure take it back and get something else. If you decide to keep her post pics please.:smile:
  8. OMG, I love my black patent multi pocket!! Mine has the silver hardware, which I happen to like better than the gold. I think the MP is probably the most classic of all the MJ bags to be honest with you. It will be around for many years to come! Congrats on your new bag!! :smile:
  9. ^ITA!!! The pushlocks are my me they are like the CC's on Chanel..When you see them you know what designer it is...I LOVE my lg MP..I just got one in blue (denim)...she's glued to my hip lol!!!:flowers: Congrats on your purchase!! Soooo timeless & classic!!