Black multi-color Alma dated?

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  1. I just purchased a pre owned black multi color Alma. I've wanted one for years. Now that I have it, I am of course questioning my purchase. While the bag itself is in great pre loved condition, I'm wondering if it's too dated.
    Does anyone still carry their multi-colored Bags? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459392270.673446.jpg
  2. I had this same bag and sold it. I did feel like it was dated. I still love black MC, but only for SLG's.
  3. It is a fair question, but this boils down to personal taste. For some people, MC items are desirable collector pieces, but they no longer use them from day-to-day. If you love it and can imagine it going well with your clothing, Wear it!! Congrats on finding one in good condition.
  4. I love the patina on that & the canvas looks so good!!

    Use it, love it. It's fun and pretty! If you can be happy and project that confidence while out & about, then folks will respond to that & not to the bag.

  5. This! Thank you! You are so right! I used it today and I love it.. It really is all about projecting confidence and loving what you have/ use. I've wanted this bag for sooo long!!
  6. I love it ! I still use my multicolor speedy. I would love to have another multicolor petit noe if finance allowed. I think it comes down to your wardrobe. Does it goes well with it? I have many bright color clothes, but not flowery. Hence the multicolor fits right in. It is one of my more precious one, so I will carry it once in a while to further heightens up my mood.
  7. I have an Audra in MC Noir. It was one of my first LV bags...and I used to wear it a lot more when I was younger. Fast forward 10 years and I use it less and less, but still love it.

    I think MC can still look fresh if you dress it right...when I do wear my Audra, I wear it with all black.

    Love that Alma, btw...such a great find!!
  8. I was actually looking to get one of these! I imagine it would look so great with all black in Autumn with a high neck long flowy sweater, jeans and pumps! Or in the summer with a white or black or dark grey or any color for that matter tank top and long white skirt or jeans. Love your new bag!!! Congrats!! Love the studs!! I have a Pochette Accessoires in MC Blanc. I wear it as a crossbody bag and people ALWAYS stare at it bc it's different! And people at LV are always stunned by it when they see it. It's about confidence too like you said. Some days I just feel like being under the radar with my feminine days or when I have a headache or in a grumpy mood for some reason (pull the hood over the head kind of days), and I don't use it. But it doesn't happen a lot. Great pieces! My HG was the White speedy MC, but it's just too heavy for me. The corners and hardware just made it soooooo heavy! Congrats again and here's me roaming around in London:smile: I bring this with me on all my travels. I use it as a travel necessity bag and use it for sightseeing etc when I get there:smile:

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  9. I say use it. I just got an Eliza bag. I love it. Fun for spring summer
  10. I personally find it dated but I support rocking your own vibe if you truly love it!
  11. I do not think your MC Alma is dated. In my opinion Louis Vuitton handbags never go out of style. Your handbag is in great shape. Enjoy!
  12. My first instinct was "yeah, but so"? Lol.

    Really, though- If you love it and think it's be a great match to your wardrobe, get it.
  13. No, not all. I love using my noir mc, it's beautiful. The MC line is so much fun for spring summer.

    I feel a bit cheated with the half photo shot lol can we see the entire beauty? I love the different color patterns on the mc bags.
  14. That's really cute.

  15. Love your bag!