Black multi cles? anyone have this?

  1. I was thinking about getting this. I use my mono cles all the time, everyday for license, cards, so it gets alot of use and handling. I want the black multicolor one but was wondering if it wears as well as the mono? do the colors flake off with alot of use? I have the black wapity and its fine, but the cles would be handled more. anyone???:confused1:
  2. Well the MC pattern is known to wear off with heavy use. So it might happen to some people, and never happen to others. It really depends on the use of the cles.

    The MC cles can't hold as much as the mono cles can, which is a downfall.

    Also, the MC cles has the vachetta trim, so if you're going to be using it a lot it might get dirty/worn.

    I have a Black MC Cles and I LOVE IT! I dont use it that often so it's stayed in great condition. But I think the color is great and it's practical. But not as practical as mono.
  3. thanks for the input. I may rethink this....I did notice the size was smaller and I do put alot of cards in mine. hmmm...:s
  4. Have it, love it, haven't had any problems with it but it is a little tighter than the regular mono canvas....Plus I usually only use in like 1-2 month intervals a couple times a year because I have many cles and I switch off a lot....
  5. I've had my cles for three years and used it every day. Nothing ever rubbed/peeled/chipped.:smile: The only thing that did get scratched was the hardware on the corners.
  6. here is mine after two years or so..... i don't use it staying clean. :P but i can fit more in my cerises....same size as mono one, which i find it more practical!;) but MC one is so CUTE!:love: :heart:
  7. I have the white and I actually can't fit any cards in mine. I tried once and it just didn't work since it has the vachetta edging. I didn't want to cram my cards in there and risk breaking them.
    I use mine for change and keys though. :smile:
  8. what color is the lining inside of the white MC cles?

    You can't fit credit cards or a driver's license in it??!?!? I was thinking of maybe purchasing this...but now I don't know...I would need it to definitely be able to fit cards...
  9. Black MC cles has tan leather lining. You CAN fit CCs and Canadian DL in it. I used to do it when I had to run out somewhere without my purse. Are US DL larger in size than a CC?
  10. You can def. fit cards and stuff, just not as much as some of the other cles, didn't stop me from buying one, the vernis cles are like this too.....
  11. great!

    thanks for your help ladies.

    I don't know about the size difference between canadian and u.s dollars....
  12. Sorry I didn't get back to you right away but the inside is also leather just like the black one. I just don't put any cards in mine because it just seems a lot tighter and I really don't want to risk anything just to put a few cards in there..I just keep them in a larger cles (like the cerises one or a plain mono one) instead.