Black Mod Chain Tote, and some Coco Cabas to Boot

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  1. Spoke to an exhausted Lisa today who just finished with day one of the presale at NM. I swear, i am so glad I don't work in retail on days like today.

    Anyway, she has the following (not on sale) available that I think a few people are looking for:

    Black Modern Chain Tote for $2225:heart:
    White Coco Cabas for $1795
    Dark Silver Coco Cabas for $1795

    Call Lisa Hamlin if you are interested (248) 635-8442:nuts:
  2. :drool:...why o I have to see this!!!
    Thanks for sharing the info though.:p
  3. seems like NM has the best collection of bags.
  4. yeah, seriously. their selection is far better than any other department store. which would mean they proably have the best sales too. too bad i don't have any SA that i work w/ regularly at nm.
  5. ^ actually, Saks has better sales percentage wise..40% off while NM goes upto 30% during the first cut...but by second cut all the good stuff is gone :sad:
  6. The Saks I go to had mostly 30% off, with just a few Pradas and Guccis, etc at 40% but mostlly the 30 off.