Black MJ Stams - IN STOCK!

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  1. I just got a call from MJ in Las Vegas. They just got a new shipment of black Stams in today! So if you wanted one--give them a ring. Their number is 702.369.3102. Ask for Kay--she's very nice and helpful!
  2. She haelped me too! I love her
  3. I called the Boston MJ and just got my stam today. Truly a BEAUTIFUL Bag. I like that it's more structured than last season's. This is the kind of bag that will last for years!
    Let me know what you guys think of your Stam!
  4. I agree I like that it is a more structured version. I was told its because they used a goat skin unstead of the lambskin. I think it looks so much like vintage that you could have it for years to come and it will continue to look like a fantastic vintage piece.
  5. NAP has the black and ivory up right now. Probably returns but hey!
  6. Me too, I'm one of the few who likes the new ones better. Plus, I love the beige suede interior with the black (definitely the minority on that opinion, I'm sure) and the shiny hardware. I think the hardware on the fall bags (which I have!) is ugly.
  7. The 06 fall stams have canvas lining, not the beige suede..
  8. ^ Oops, by "new" I meant Spring 06. =) I have a Fall 05 bag so I meant the ones that followed my bag.
  9. ^
    Actually, you're both right! The Spring 2006 Blacks have the cream/ivory suede lining and the Pre-Fall and Fall 2006 have and will have the cream/ivory canvas.

    Mine has the suede and although it will probably be a royal pain to keep clean, I love the feel and look of it. My Putty has the blue suede too and my Cola has the ivory canvas and I don't find any real difference in weight between them.
  10. Style, oh, that's a bummer. I was told that the canvas is supposed to be lighter than the suede but I guess I can't see it making that much of a difference.

    Might you have pics of your Cola?

    Do you know what the Bronze/Cashew/Cream color bags are considered? Fall 06?
  11. I posted a pic of my Cola over on TFS in the Stam thread. I just tried to post it here, but it seems that I'll have to re-size it first.

    The "Cream" I was told is just a new shipment of the Ivory, so that's Spring 06. (not the Chalk - that one's patent). The Bronze and Camel are supposedly Pre-Fall 06.

    I wrote you another note in your Pewter/Bronze thread about the Camel/Cashew.........
  12. Okay, got it, thanks! I will look over at TFS. Between you and me, I don't post over there anymore but I digress.... =|
  13. I already tried to re-size it and it doesn't seem to want to today:smile: And I don't know why, since I already re-sized it to post it over there!
  14. Yeah, the size limit is smaller over here but thanks for trying! I'll look over there... do you know which page?
  15. I just found it - it's on page 150 - it was the Cola and Putty together (before Black had joined the happy family.......). But here's what's funny: you already saw it - you posted right under the pic!

    Too many pictures of too many bags wrecks havoc with the memory........