Black Miu Miu Bow and Balenciaga Twiggy - can I have both?

  1. I have a black balenciaga twiggy and I really :heart:LOVE and WANT the miu miu black bow bag.
    Do you think they are too similar? I could get the new lighter gray - but light bags make me so nervous. I wish I'd gotten the darker gray from last season.
    It's a similar shape - do you think it gives off a similar vibe too?
    thanks for any input!

    blk 002.jpg
  2. I see no problem with having both...the Prada gives off a totally different feel than the Balenciaga - much more "formal" if you know what I mean...not that it's for dress use only, but it's much "dressier" than the Twiggy!
  3. They're REALLY different to me. Get both!
  4. I think they're different enough to get both.
    The bow bag is a bit more refined (with a touch of lady-like from the bows) and conservative enough for work.

    You need something for when you're not feeling the Balenciaga-rocker-chic vibe, right?? :p
  5. Right!:graucho:
    does the bow bag get slouchy or retain its shape? I really like the long strap!
    I think 3 responses are probably enough to enable this purchase....
  6. I definitely say go for it. Even if you got a black one I'd say it would still be a sound purchase! lol
  7. Those two are quite different. If there is no budget problem, I'd say to get both.