Black mini

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  1. Hi everyone. I bought a black 2 hole square cavier mini. I'm not sure I like it. I like the rectangular shape better. But I don't think they currently make a black cavier rectangular mini either 2 hole or 4 hole (not willing to pay reseller price). Do I just need to stare at it longer? Am I missing the beauty? I have med, jumbo and maxi and Woc. Wanted the mini for when I want to carry small bag but when I need more room than Woc offers. I don't think I'd use this 2 hole mini for dinners because I don't want to tie the strap to make it shorter and I already have a medium for that purpose. Would really be used as a cross body. Sometimes I think I don't like something and then viola, I see it on someone else or see it worn a certain way and then love it. Merci!
  2. I personally love the square mini better bc the sides are more structured. Have you ever seen the sides of rectangular ones? One side pops out while the other side looks dented. Anyway, there is a blogger who has the black square mini and she wears it beautifully.
  3. Thanks. I went to that blogger site and she does style the mini well. But I also think she could style a paper sack well. :smile:
  4. Haha yes. That's a funny one!
  5. I have a rectangle 4 grommet mini (11A) and have never had an issue with the sides of my bag popping out whatsoever. I also have a 12P square 2 grommet square mini and have never once used it yet. I prefer my rectangle, for many reasons, despite only using it maybe 3 times. With that said, I know that both square and rectangle minis (only 2 grommet) are in current circulation right now (12A)... It just depends on where you shop/ search. I only bought the red 12A jumbo for this season so, I really haven't been paying close attention as to who has what... But my rectangle mini has zero structural issues whatsoever.