Black Mini-Classique

  1. It IS a cutie-pie... even if it does remind me of that silly trend to wear tiny backpacks back in the 90s, that were just about big enough for a toothbrush.:P
  2. I think minis work best as funky evening bags.
  3. this is so cute! not something i would ever pay full price for, but could always use a baby bbag!
  4. The starting bid is a *very* good price – less than a quarter of original retail (unless bought at a sale, which doesn't quite count).
  5. ^^ ITA, i spent around $500 on mine ;)
  6. Yeah that's a great price for such a cute bag! Someone should go for this.
  7. Hey, check the bid history and ebay message on this one. Interesting. I've never seen "bidder 1, bidder 2," etc.
  8. Weird?!? I've never seen that either:shrugs:
  9. well, i bid on it, but am pretty certain i wont be winning it. I have never bid before the end of the auction before, and this will probably go for alot more!! And as much as i could use it, its not on the top of my priority list, unless it goes for a reasonable price!

    not sure why its made all the bidders private?!
  10. the bidders are private to keep from scammers sending the bidders spam. That leather is gorgeous. I will refrain (sitting on my hands here) from bidding - here's hoping you win it.