Black Metallic Reissue

  1. :confused1:I just got this bag and paid 3150 (?) plus tax. What size did I get???:confused1:
  2. I just got the 227 for $2495. Not sure what bag you got but I don't think the reissues were that expensive. Where did you get it? Do you have it? Maybe post a picture?
  3. I got it at the beverly hills boutique opening. Do you think there was a price increase? what is the # on your bag?
  4. Mine says A35934Y04636. HELP. Don't know what bag I got. I'm happy with it but I would like to know what i got!
  5. Surely it is a 228, Jumbo. This size is great for Autume and winter. Love it.
  6. you got the 228 size. the BIG one. ;)
  7. Oh thanks! Wow that is big. Didn't know it came that big. I was looking for the 227. would this bag be considered an XL?
  8. I guess you can call it XL since it is the largest reissue size available. :tup: It's nice though. The straps are wider and the metal strap holes through the bag are thicker too to support the bag. ENJOY!!!
  9. Sorry I'm a little confused but I thought the reference number would have the 228 in it to denote the size. My reference number is A30227Y04636. I'm sure your bag is wonderful anyway! Enjoy it!!!
  10. oh really? I was thinking maybe she got the reissue with pearls...
  11. judging by the number, i think she got the hybrid... in the jumbo... what kind of chain does it have?
  12. Can you match your bag to any in the reference library? That might help. In any event, congratulations on what sounds like an amazing new bag!
  13. If you bought a reissue your style number should end in the size - like some pointed out earlier. Either 225, 226, 227, 228, etc.
  14. ^^I agree with Mon. It should state the number size. Sounds like you maybe got the hybrid. Definitely check the reference library and post pics!
  15. I *think* you might have purchased the croco bag hybrid reissue. I remember the price being around 3150.00 for the 227 when I saw these bags at the trunk show. It's a reissue style made in a satin fabric material w/gold hw.