Black metallic reissue or E/W bag in pewter crinkle calf?

  1. I just bought the 2.55 reissue in the 225 size black metallic. Yesterday I saw a pewter crinkle calfskin E/W bag with the new double chain and it is just beautiful! Urbangrid has pics of hers here:

    What attracted me to both bags was the leather; the black metallic is amazing but so is the crinkle calf. I can't afford both; should I return the reissue and get the E/W, or should I keep the reissue?
  2. I love the crinkle calfskin! But it all depends on which one is best for you. I want and E/W bag, but it's soooo tiny.
  3. OMG, I saw the crinkled bag, and I :drool::drool::drool: all over the Chanel counter. It's beyond word. I love my black metallic too! Maybe you need to get both!
  4. My vote goes to the black metallic. The other has the look and feel that reminds me of sandpaper (gritty). I'd also worry about it snagging on clothes. It all comes down to personal choice, though.
  5. To me, the crinkled E/W has more "wow" factor. It's chain is just so gorgeous! I vote for the crinkled pewter!!
  6. Long term--I'd say black metallic
  7. I vote for the black metallic reissue. It's a classic and I think will stand the test of time. If you really want to make a statement then the E/W bag is the way to go.
  8. metallic reissue for sures!!
    you are lucky to get the 225 i was looking for it and Canada didn't order that size in.
  9. I like the reissue better.
  10. Thanks everyone. I might have to keep the reissue because I had it sent to CA to avoid NY sales tax, but my bf keeps missing the UPS guy and I have until Sunday to send it back from CA to Jeffrey. If they have the E/W in stock I could probably convince them to exchange the bags after the 14 days, but I saw the E/W somewhere else. I'm not sure how friendly Jeffrey would be towards the idea of accepting a return past 14 days.
  11. Both!! But I have the metallic black so my vote goes towards that