Black Metallic Reissue or Classic Black Caviar Flap?

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  1. I'm trying to decide between these two. The only reason why I'm hesitating on the black metallic reissue that is coming out soon is its price. I believe my SA said it was 2495 or something. Whereas I could get a black classic caviar flap for about $1750 on ebay. What do you girls think? I mean I love the way the reissue looks but it is tat much different to warrant the price difference?
  2. Oh gosh - I am going through the same issue! I saw the black metallic reissue at our trunk show on Monday, and it is SO pretty. I don't know that it's worth the price difference, but the two bags are definitely VERY different, IMO.

    I think what I've decided to do is get the dark silver reissue this month, and get the classic black flap later, since those will always be around! :graucho:
  3. ^ can you describe in more detail what theblack metallic looks like? is it like a patent, or like the metallic sheen on the metallic black bowlers (where it's still matt).

  4. i have the dark silver reissue already :smile:

    so that's why i'm sooo confused as to which one i should get. i just think the black metallic reissue is too expensive. but am i going to regret not buying it later. i also saw it and it looks like a tougher kind of lambskin, but it's not lambskin. but there's no sheen to it, like the black metallic luxe bags.

    but i do like the shape and the straps. the straps are interwoven with leather and a dark silver chain, which is weird because i thought reissues were only chain straps, unless my SA got it wrong.
  5. Hmm, maybe you saw the classic flap w/the new reissue lock? There's one on ebay that's lambskin has no sheen/glaze to it at all like the regular lambskin, which I love. The black metallic reissue has the same chain as the dark silver reissue. I know because I'm on the list for the black metallic and the dark silver reissues. :heart:

    As to which flap you should get, you really can't lose either way. They are both classics and will never go out of style. :yes:
  6. Wow, I was just debating over the same bag. The metalic black reissue.

    I find that the leather on the metalic black reissue is softer than the leather on the classic flap.
    Metalic black didn't have the patented shiny look to it. IF you like matted, it's acceptable. Check it out at the store.

    But I wanted a black caviar and their new chain i don't know how to spell the name properly..."Bisou Chain"...
    Unfortunately that style only comes in white and red this season.

    Worth is a very personal thing.... I buy the bags based on like or not like.....
  7. The bag that they were calling "metallic black" wasn't really metallic or shiny. It looked like crinkle lambskin leather. But the bag that I saw had gold chain straps - no interwoven leather. Sparkle, as CLK55 said, maybe you saw a different bag?
  8. ^^ Yes!! That's the bag I saw as well. It had a distressed leather, like all the reissues do w/the regular reissue chain. :yes:
  9. i'm confused. The SA at saks nyc (joseph) told me that they put the old chain on the black metallic reissue this season.
    So i saw the one with the silver interwoven leather chain. It had the new increased price. He also told me that they were calf skin not lamb skin.

    So yeah I was very confused as well. I asked some of the same questions a few times because of the answers i got too....
  10. omg! i feel so silly now. hehe. i guess i could finally pass on that bag. it's weird because my SA insisted it was the black metallic reissue, and i was confused myself because the reissues never have the interwoven straps but then i saw the clasp and i was like, is that really the reissue?? and it looked like lambskin but my SA said it wasn't. gosh i left there so confused that I put it on hold. haha. thanks for clearing that up! so are they making the classics with the new clasp from now on?
  11. OMG!! maybe we had the SAME SA at saks nyc! because i was told the same thing. i compared the bag to the classic flap and the size is so different too. gosh i'm confused. so what exactly is this bag i'm describing?
  12. Hi,

    Just reading this thread, so your all saying that there isnt a metallic black reissue but there the normal reissue with the leather chain?

    Im trying to figure out if I want the black reisssue too
  13. hmmm....maybe you're right. now i kind of forgot whether it looks exactly like the picture.....but it does have the interwoven chain and the mademoiselle lock. and it was definitely lambskin, even though my SA insisted it wasn't. UGH. sometimes SAs need to be more informed so they could help us customers, whether than confusing us.

  14. Did you get the feeling that the SA at the chanel counter @ saks do not seem to be very knowledgeable?
    SO I requested to see joseph because someone recommended him..He seems to know more than the other SAs. Perhaps he did make a mistake...but i wouldn't know.

    So now if the black metallic is the classic flap with the new lock, then what is the difference between the reissue and the classic flap?