Black Metallic Reissue and Astrakan at NM!!!

  1. I just got these pictures from my favorite SA, Lisa Hamlin! So I am passing them on to all of you!

    Fall 07 Black metallic 2.55 reissue E/W for $3150
    Brown Astrakan for $2495

    Call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 if you are interested!
    IMG_4796.JPG IMG_4803.JPG IMG_4804.JPG
  2. is there an E/W for the black mettalic? i thought it went 226, 227, 228?
  3. jag, do you have pic of brown astrakan? TIA
  4. She probably just called it the wrong thing, that's all:p
  5. It is the brown hobo style bag that's in my initial post. But PM me if my pics aren't coming up, and I can email them to you:tup:
  6. reissue is 3150?
  7. ^^^no clue??? But feel free to call Lisa, she will give you all he info. Sure is gorgeous!
  8. I dont think the brown is the Astrakan, I thought Astrakan was the scrunched up leather style? correct me if I'm wrong.

    As for the so called E/W reissue, it looks like a 228 to me...
  9. The brown bag in the photo is not the Ashtrakan. It comes in three sizes and the medium astrakan is about $2700. The two styles that I have seen area a small flap and what they call a cmera bag (the medium...which is pretty large.) I have the camera bag in black....
  10. Hmm, I wonder why she said Astrakan then? Let me call her and find out for sure!
  11. Ok, here is what happened. My SA's had her assistant email me the pics and the assistant confused the style names. SO my SA looked and confirmed everything, and here is what is pictured above:

    Black metallic Jumbo Reissue and it is an E/W style
    Fall 06 Brown Modern Chain Hobo $1995

    She also has a black Astrakan (not pictured) available at $2495

    She feels awful that I had the wrong information, but of course I told her not to worry about it as she is doing me the favor by sending me pics of everything! Not too many SA's take that kind of time for a client. So I think we can all cut her a little slack.
  12. i got my metallic black reissue from Lisa, i didn't know they made e/w style in that bag.
  13. I've always liked the Astrakan from the pics I've seen posted, because it seemed so different and interesting. But yesterday I finally saw the larger, bowler sort of version IRL and I thought it was fantastic! Great size, great fit, great leather, and I believe all the texture in the leather will be very protectant from scratches. It just totally captivated me, so I am wanting to join the club! I may even like it more than my Bubble Quilt. :yes:
  14. I love SAs who send pics, that is so helpful esp for overseas purchasers.

    Of course we should cut her slack (!) was just correcting the info in case anyone relied on it wrongly.
  15. I saw the Astrakan (in black) in person - it is SO amazing, the treatment is just out of this world :smile:

    I'd have to say that the hobo is my least favorite of the Modern Chain ligne - too stiff, not enough slouch - but it still looks great too!