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  1. Black metallic reissue 227 or Black Jumbo distressed with mademoiselle lock and new '"tarnished" chain? em both.....its a tough one for me.
    What do you think ladies?
  2. reissue hands down for me!
  3. Definitely the reissue!! :heart: I actually didn't care for the black distressed Jumbo in person at all, but that's just my opinion, and yours is the one that counts the most! :smile: Plus the reissue is just gorgeous with the subtle metallic black color... it can be dressed up or down, whereas the distressed Jumbo IMO is really more of a casual bag. Good luck deciding! :tup:
  4. Definitely the reissue! :heart:
  5. Gosh, both are gorgeous!!! You can't lose.
  6. Definitely definitely the reissue! I'm sorry but I really don't care for the new chain...
  7. i personally love the reissue, but you CANNOT go wrong with either one!
  8. In case you like the new "tarnished" look on the chain and lock I would say the black met reissue since it has a tarnished chain and lock too!
  9. reissue!
  10. Ditto....Reissue
  11. Reissue!!!
  12. Reissue!!!!!!!
  13. Reissue fer sure! Black metallic one is gorgeous!
  14. Of course! No doubt! The Reissue!
  15. PICS??? Both sound gorgeous but I lean towards reissue.