Black metallic luxury flap?

  1. Just curious if there are any of these around anymore? I had the luxe bowler but it didn't work out and I've been eyeing the luxury flap. I'm sure I'm too late but figured I'd ask!

    Thanks :nuts:
  2. As of this past weekend, there was one available at Saks NYC's Chanel. It was the black Lux Flap with a shine to it -- definitely not deerskin (which I've been looking for to no avail)....also not I'm pretty sure that's the black metallic goatskin Lux Flap. The one I saw was on display; I'm not sure how many they have in the back. You can call and ask for Alexandra.
  3. Good luck Twinklette!
    I've been carrying mine all week and I love, love, love it!!!
  4. Swanky you are the reason I must have this purse LOL! Every time I see it on you it looks awesome.

    Thanks Foxy!!!
  5. foxy I missed your post and will try to contact Alexandra! Anyone else seen a metallic black luxe flap around in case this one is gone? Thank you!