Black metallic luxe bowlers

  1. Are the black metallic medium luxe bowlers completely sold out in stores? Has anyone seen any available? I have the opportunity to get one and I'm wondering if I should jump at the chance.
  2. I do think they are completely sold out and I'm not even sure if Chanel is bringing the black metallic back for fall. If you have an opportunity, I say go for it!!
  3. yeah, they're pretty much gone now and the few SA's I've spoken to have said they won't get anymore.
  4. Jump on it. They are all gone in my area!
  5. I wasn't really looking for one, but I guess I should jump at it since they are all gone. Thanks ladies.
  6. Oh goodness, where did you find one? I say go for it
  7. Yes, its my understanding they are not coming back for fall...
  8. are you getting it?
  9. Yes, I can't pass up the deal of getting one of the last ones. I'll post pics when it arrives. Thanks everyone.:smile:
  10. :girlsigh: I kinda wish I had one! LOL!
    Are they coming back in any flavor, do we know?
  11. Nordstrom has white, dk bordeaux and black listed for their fall line of colors.
  12. I wonder if any are metallic?
  13. Yes, they are coming out with a metallic brown for fall.
  14. OH BOY!
    I didn't even ask at the trunk show! LOL!
  15. They had pictures in the Chanel lookbook. Branden at Chanel on 57th showed them to me a few weeks ago. It's pretty, but I'll have to wait to see it IRL.