Black Metallic Luxe Bowler - I found one!!

  1. guess what ladies?? I found the elusive black metallic bowler. although it's used, it's in such mint condition that I'm amazed. And on top of it, it's broken in a little so it looks slouchy which I like. AND i got it for $1000!!!

    I got the bag brand 6 months ago from chanel nyc but returned it because it looked too structured on me. but for the past few months, i've been regretting it since. but now not only did i find one, but it's more than half what i paid and in like new condition. i'm soooo happy!!

    :yahoo: :nuts: :graucho: :heart: :wlae:
  2. Congrats! Post pics when your bag arrives:smile:
  3. Oh WOW sweetsparkle!! what a great find!! be sure to post pics.. did you happen to get it via eBay?
  4. Lucky you! I am still searching for one!
  5. yup! i got it from this wonderful ebayer! it's such a great deal....i'm in heaven :drool:
  6. congrats!!!! i cant wait to see pics!
  7. Glad you finally found one! They do break in nicely but are so stiff at first it is hard to get used to it.
  8. Congrats...this is such a great bag. I have it in silver and I just love it. I always get compliments every time I wear it. Enjoy!
  9. Gotta love finding a great deal on a bag for which you've been searching. Post pics as soon as you get it!
  10. Congrats on the great find!! I'm waiting for mine to come too!!!!
  11. Ohhh, what a fantastic deal, congratulations!! I can't wait to see your pictures!! :smile: My large metallic bowler is supposed to come tomorrow (I somehow missed Fed Ex twice, ahh!)... so I'll be stalking the door all day waiting for a man in uniform to bring me my Chanel haha.
  12. I'll definitely post pics once I have time....and my dark silver reissue 225 should be arriving today (cross fingers) so I'll take a group pic!
  13. Ohhh man... you are very lucky. My large black metallic bowler came today, and it's definitely going back... it's looks like a giant whale on me! :crybaby: I'm sure Chanel will reintrodue this ligne if it sold so well (I really hope!!), so I'm banking on that... otherwise, can someone let me know if they see a medium metallic black bowler.. please? :sad:
  14. a bit late but CONGRATS WHAT A GREAT DEAL!