Black Metallic 226, Short Waitlist at Wynn Las Vegas

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I just got off the phone with Lynn at the Wynn in Las Vegas and got my paws on a black metallic 226... She told me that they should be getting about 6 more in either this or next week! I was #1 on the waitlist and I got mine (someone had it on hold and didn't want it!) so there's space for 6 more!!!

    Lynn's number is 702 735 3402
  2. jeshika - thanks so much for this post! When I called this morning they didn't have any 226 available, but did have one 227! So I grabbed it! I will have it tomorrow. BTW, if anybody is looking for the black metallic reissue in 226 or 227 sizes, she did say they are getting more of both sizes in and some may still be available.
  3. OMG i'm so glad you got the bag you wanted. i know i got the last 226. she said the rest of the 226s and 227s were coming in either this or next week!!!! :p

    Congrats! Remember to post pictures when you get your beautiful bag!! Mine comes in on Friday! :p
  4. I just called and got one....the SA was able to track one down for me. Yahoo! :yahoo::yahoo:
  5. ^^Beana - did you get the 226 or 227? Wynn Las Vegas may be my new favorite Chanel boutique!
  6. i know right? i started randomly calling the numbers listed on the "Which SAs deserve our business" Thread and when the lady at the Wynn told me she had one and no waitlist i had to ask her 3 or 4 times cos i was in disbelief!

    yay for wynn las vegas!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  7. congrats lucky girls, that sounds awesome!
  8. oh Congrats everyone. I think I will have to call tomorrow and speak to Lynn and see if they have a 227.
  9. i asked my friend from NY to call Wynn, too bad they ran out of 226 already :crybaby:
  10. they are coming in like this or next week i was told... don't give up hope! call again!
  11. Wow...congrats ladies!!! Can't wait to see pics when you get them!!! :nuts:
  12. I just received my 227 and OMG I absolutely :heart: this bag! Perfect as my first Chanel! Here is a pic:


    Thanks again for starting this thread jeshika! You made this possible! I had called lots of stores and put myself on lists but wasn't able to actually locate an in-stock bag. :heart:
  13. wow, how lucky you gals! :yes: I tried to have my SA locate this bag but they are all sold out! I should try calling boutiques or 1-800. Can you tell me the SKU# if you don't mind? :smile:

    btw, the bag is stunning!

  14. I got the 226!
  15. Congrat you !