Black Men's Weekender? yes or no?

  1. I've always refrained from using black bags in the summer when I'm wearing a lot of bright colours. I just doesn't feel right. i dunno.

    should i still get the black weekender though?
    what do you guys think? I like the men's one cause the handles are longer like on my men's ink weekender.

    The 'gris perle' weekender on diabro has short handles but that's a nice colour for the summer. What to do? =/
  2. I like to use black bags in the summer because I am wearing a lot of bright colors and black goes with everything. I have never seen a weekender IRL, so I can't really help you on that one. I have a black city and love it!!
  3. I have a black female weekender, i always carry it in my hands.So i dont mind the lenght of the handles.
    And I have also a greige work and thats the colour that u mean with grisperle.
    The colours are complete different from each other but i really love them both very much.
    Maybe U can buy them both.
    Greige is almost not anymore availble in the shops.

    Good luck with picking your bag, sorry couldnt be much of a help.

    FX:heart: :heart: :heart:
  4. Aren't the new women's weekenders coming with longer handles? fromparis posted pics of her new Anthracite weekender and it definitely has longer handles than the old weekenders. You can get a brighter color and the longer handles!