Black medium paddy with black stitching on

  1. Hey, I see the black medium paddy with black stitching on this am, AND the muscade large zippy! Both at great prices with free shipping. Somebody is going to get lucky!!:tup:
  2. Well, the black medium is gone...that leaves the muscade large zippy!:nuts:
  3. oh wow. can't believe I missed that. That was a great deal. Hope another tpfer got her.
  4. :tdown:Don't buy the Muscade Zippy!!! It was the only one they had so I'm sure that it is the one that I returned. I returned because the zippers were completely dirty and tarnished looking and one of the straps was litereally attached crooked!!! I definitely questioned the authenticity of the bag but didn't even bring that up when returning and thankfully didn't have to since it was in such horrible condition.
  5. Glad I read this, I ALMOST bought it, I went as far as checkout, but decided not to--trying to be good.