black medium lamskin classic flap

  1. Has anyone seen this bag around? I'm trying to purchase all of the classics before the price increase!! Also, does anyone know the price of this bag in lamskin or caviar?

  2. I don't know the price of this bag, but I believe that I saw it at the Chanel boutique on Rodeo Drive a few days ago.

  3. $2195 for med. lambskin. Call Cari in Chanel SF, she had one last Friday when I went in. Hope that helps!
  4. Chanel at SCP probably have it, I was there and they had sooooo many flaps in black that my eyes were in a diff. zone...but here's the number (714) 754-7455 ... good luck!
  5. oh..BTW, Bloomies at SCP has it too, plus you can get an extra 15% off if you open an account, but you have do this in person.
  6. thanks so much!! :smile:
  7. 2150 for medium lambskin for sure and I think 1995 for medium caviar.

    As of yesterday, NM at Newport Beach has black medium lambskin, black medium caviar, black jumbo lambskin, ivory medium lambskin and black EW lambskin double chain. All these flaps have bijoux chain.
  8. NM San Antonio has one and you could receive bonus points on your NM account or a gift card