Black Medium Classic Flap for a starter...


Did you had the Black Medium Classic Flap as a Starter?

  1. Yes! My First Chanel Handbag is the Black Medium Classic Flap!

  2. No. I had another one!

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  1. I just noticed... A lot of us had the Black Medium Classic Flap as a starter on the collection. Did you also get the Black Medium Classic Flap in either Lambskin or Caviar as a starter? :smile: Why did you guys chose the Black Medium Classic Flap as a starter with Chanel???
  2. My first CHANEL is the luxe bowler~!! Love it!!
  3. It was my starter-in black caviar
  4. Yes, because the classic flap is Chanel's iconic bag. When I think Chanel, that is what pops into my head.
  5. was my first as well, black caviar with silver hardware
  6. My first was a Jumbo black caviar with silver hardware!
  7. I had a pink medium classic flap as my starter. :biggrin:

    I still want to add the black medium at some point.. but I keep putting it off because "you can always get black".. but one day I swear I'll own it!
  8. My first was a black med Ultimate Soft, very unconventional starter bag...
  9. I had black with gold hardware in lambskin as a starter. But I lose it after sometime.. Wanting for a different color. LOL.
  10. Ditto!
  11. The black classic in cavair was one of my first bags. It's a good foundation to start a collection.
  12. I only have 1 chanel (don't usually post here). I don't know what size mine is but it is definitely not the smallest one. Black caviar with silver hardware and it measures 12" across the top. Which size is that? Always wanted to know. Thanks in advance!
  13. Yep, it was mine! :yes:
  14. Mine was an east/west flap in white
  15. my very first was a cambon bowler in beige/black. i still dont have a md. classic flap in black, =(