black medium caviar classic flap at Costco

  1. I was looking for the swarovski crystals at costco and in one of the glass cabinet I saw a chanel medium classic flap in black caviar and gold hardware sitting in front of a lot of coach. It was selling for $1399. I didn't ask to try and I am not an expert but the details look good. Well it was very weird to see Chanel in Costco.:wtf:
  2. oh my GAWD...seriously? ahh next time you should take pics! i'm not saying i don't believe you....its just that its of those myths you hear about!
  3. :yucky: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :yucky: COSTCO!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I've seen authentic Cartier tank watches and Patek Phillipe. I bought a Gucci watch from there. Honestly, Costco isn't that bad. I wish there was Chanel in my Costco, because all I see are Coach, Fendi, Lambertson Truex, Prada, Gucci. However, I would be stunned if I ever saw Hermes.
  5. Chanel flap @ costco! How unsual. I usually hate going to costco but I think I'll go now cos you'll never know what you'll see. Its so full of surprises!
  6. I wonder how Costco got the inventory, previous seasons stock might be, but black caviar is like around forever, it's not like a model from past season.....would it be having some quality problems so it ends up being cheaper sold at Costco??

    But the whole idea of seeing a chanel at costco is ...very odd....
  7. at costco too :wtf:
  8. dido! Chanel@ Costco?? *faint* What am i going to say if pp ask where i got the Chanel from: Oh i got it at Costco!......:hrmm: , or even worse if BF would pick it up as V-day gift...(ME)'OMG, it's a stunner! where u get this from babe?', BF:'Costco! Was there to get some dog food for Spot, and thought it'd be nice to pick this one up for you too!':ninja:
    hum, i must say the buyer at your Costco is whipping out some magic there.....come to think of it, i alway see True Religions jeans in my costco....
  9. I will go take photo tomorrow if hubby will drive me down the hill to costco. The road is still icy because of the Seattle breeze. Hubby said it would be too embarrassed if someone asked where you got the bag, and your answer is costco. :nuts:
  10. Whoa that's pretty sweet haha. One hundred rolls of toilet paper, a gallon of vodka, 8-pack of microwave dinners, and a chanel bag...that's quite a shopping trip.
  11. It would give me more of an incentive to go to Costco. LOL. We don't have one here. We do have Sam's Club and they have Coach there. I think I saw a Fendi bag or two there as well. I am more inclined to visit there just to look because we don't have ANY boutiques where I live. Only some Coach and DB bags at Dillard's.
  12. That's so... odd! Haha, of all things to see there... and can you imagine if you were wearing the very same bag that was being sold? I would love to see pictures of that too!

  13. :shocked: :s I wonder why it's only 1399. for the medium black caviar. Last time I checked, the medium black caviar flap was 1595. at the boutique. Sounds sketchy to me. :shrugs:
  14. Of course I believe you saw it there........but can we be sure it's 100% authentic???
  15. If you're interested, I'd buy it and take pictures. If there's something wrong with it, take advantage of their great return policy. I have to admit they've had some really nice things at a decent discount. Ours had beautiful cartier and dior watches. There was one at around 29000.00.