Black MC year around...or just winter/fall??

  1. Do you wear your black mulitcolore bags year around, or only fall/winter??

    There was a recent thread about wearing white I was curious about black MC.

    Besides the fact that I rarely see black MC anyway:sad: ...(no matter what season it is..) Would it be weird to wear black MC during the summer/spring? Or does it really matter..?

    But then I think....Well, I see alot of people w/ the Dooney "IT" bags w/ the black background and multicolor. Also just regular black bags. So maybe it doesn't matter..:shrugs: btw, I live in So. Calif. and it's hotter than heck!:sweatdrop:

    Thanks all!:flowers:
  2. i think it's ok for you to carry mc during summer, and even other seasons at that! though it is black, just look at the splash of colors in it, its very flexible. :smile:

  3. Ya, that's what I was for all the colors the MC has I figure it goes with everything. Yep, very flexible, you're right! (I already have a white MC speedy).

    But I'm thinking about getting a black MC piece. I would like to wear it yr around.

    Thx, for your input!:yes:
  4. Id say its more for the fall/winter months but i also think its a bag you could wear all season.
  5. Ditto. This is how I feel about the Black MC. As for the white, I think it's definitely all-year.
  6. I wear my black MC in fall/winter/spring and white in the summer. But I think black MC can be used all year around.