black mc vs pomme pochette wallet

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  1. its almost end of month and my paycheck is will be ready soon :yahoo:, and time to shop LV purse.. which one u think is better for everyday use? black mc pochette wallet or pomme pochette wallet?

    anyway, the wallet will be my first LV wallet..
  2. pomme!!
  3. pomme :tup:
  4. Pomme =)
  5. pomme!
  6. i vote for MC. i just love the fun design so much:yahoo:
  7. thanks for your suggestion.. i'll consider pomme.. but the mc is kinda seduce me as well..
  8. Multicolore!!!!! It is so beautiful! I have vernis (pink) and it just isnt the same. IMO of course.
  9. pomme! i don't like the lining of the multicolore wallets.
  10. pomme vote too

  11. I was just thinking this the other day. The made the bags so beautiful inside and the wallets got that boring inside. :sad:
  12. I'm pushing for the MC. Pomme can scratch!
  13. I agree! the mc is pretty but the tan lining really bothers me. I vote for Pomme!

    Yes but the white MC wallets can color transfer! And the mc print can fade too and chip off. Something to think about. :confused1:
  14. Pomme :love: It goes well with most LV bags! :tup:
  15. pomme :smile: