Black MC Ursula or Black Part Time Bal?

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  1. Help me choose. I'm an LV girl completely. Have a couple new LVs coming, but picking out a third. I have never seen Bals IRL, have always loved black MC Ursula. And, I know they are discontinuing Ursula.

    This is probably one-sided, being the LV subforum. But, opinions, please.

    Black MC Ursula or Black Part Time Bal.
  2. I tend to believe that people coming to an LV forum to ask about LV vs. some-other-bag/brand...generally want the LV but need some form of reassurance:P No harm there I've done it before...

    SO HERE I AM...get the Ursula :angel:
  3. You're probably right! :biggrin:
  4. I am also the one who had this question last week and i decided to go for Ursular MC white.

    I think if they are going to discountinue URSULAR, better have it now as you can get Bal PT similar color in next or other season.

  5. I vote LV
  6. Not a huge fan of the ursula so go for the Bbag
  7. Get the Bal:yes:
    If you aren't please with it you can return it and get the Ursula.
  8. Did you ask the same question? That's so funny! I've decided to get Ursula. I've always wanted it, and need to get it now.

    Glad you got yours!
  9. What do you not like about Ursula? Is it the MC? I've never had MC and that does concern me.
  10. Thanks, momofgirls! Since it's on its way, I guess I'll get to see Bal and then make a decision. There's not very many Black Ursulas left, I hope I don't decide I want Ursula and can't find one. Decisions, decisions, decisions!!!:nuts:
  11. I'd go with the bbag.
  12. Ursula! :smile:
  13. Get the BBag!! I have the Bal Black Part-Time GGH and I love it!! Not a fan of MC.
  14. Tough choice but I'd go with the Bal PT
  15. i love MC LV but i love everything balenciaga, especially PT :biggrin:
    but consider this:
    1. you can get black PT almost every season but Ursula is being discontinued
    2. the ursula is very heavy, especially when comparing with a balenciaga PT.
    hope that help