Black MC Speedy vs Pomme Summit (Final decision lol)


Black MC Speedy vs. Pomme Summit

  1. Black MC Speedy

  2. Pomme Summit

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  1. So I went to LV for the 2nd time today, dragged the bf to the Hilton location since we were having dinner there anyway :roflmfao:

    They didn't have the Pomme Summit but I did spy a beautiful black MC Speedy with a lot of pink. My white MC Speedy has a lot of pink and I thought it would be cute to have the black too. My bf doesn't want me to get it because he says I have the same bag, its just white instead of black. But thats the point, its a different color :yahoo:

    So I guess my question is, should I add to my speedy collection or should I go for something new. I don't have any pomme in my collection, plus the Summit is a new bag.

    I think my heart has always been with MC though. Help!:heart:

    Sorry for all the threads, I'm a poll whore, and its too late to edit my original thread :nuts:
  2. Pomm Summit gets my vote!
  3. I vote for black MC Speedy.
  4. I vote for pomme summit:tup:
  5. Pomme summit for now. You can always revisit the black MC idea later.
  6. Black MC speedy! Such a hot bag!!!! They are really such completely different bags though....each with it's own pros and cons...but I like MC speedy more!
  7. I have the white MC speedy, and I would LOVE to have it in black - it is a totally different bag, so I say go for it!
  8. MC Speedy I love it, use it put it away but always bring it out again. Not a big fan of the Pomme sorry.
    Great if you can get the MC with a lot of pink.
  9. I had a black one with lots of pink so I say get it.I had a white one got rid of it and I got rid of the black one.Now I want another one so If you are really wanting it get it.It might be biased sorry cause I've never seen the Pomme.
  10. I'd say go for the pomme summit! It's something totally different and a nice change....I was in a similar situation last year when I was debating between a manhattan GM and a black mc speedy. I already have a white mc speedy and thought a black one would compliment it nicely. However, all these lovely tpf-ers advised me go for the manhattan, which I did and never regretted it.
  11. black mc speedy is lovelier... and more elegant looking :smile:
  12. Speedy gets my vote, you gotta get it.
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  13. LVObsessed, your white speedy is absolutely stunning!!!
    I'm not a huge fan of Vernis so my vote also goes to the speedy.
  14. I love the speedy.
  15. The MC speedy! :heart: