Black MC Speedy vs. Infini Empreinte Speedy

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  1. Hi everyone!

    So I am torn between getting the black multicolor speedy and the infini Empreinte speedy. I am so loving the MC line right now and my husband just bought me a beautiful Black Multicolor Noe as an early Valentine's day present. I have many matching accessories in the multicolor line also. But I am in the market for a new speedy and was originally planning on purchasing the black MC Speedy until my SA told me that the infini color was soon going to be discontinued which was the exact color I wanted for the Empreinte line. This makes my decision really hard because I like both styles a lot and they each have a different uniqueness I love about them both. The problem is I can only afford to buy one now and I'm afraid by the time I'm able to buy the other it will be sold out as the black MC Speedy is very low in quantity as well. Lastly I'd like to add that I do not currently own anything from the Empreinte line as yet. What's a girl to do? Please help me decide! Thanks!!
  2. I have the Infini Empreinte Speedy B 30 and I love it. I don't care for the MC line at all, so I am a bit partial. But I can tell you that I prefer my Empreinte over any of my canvas line bags. It's just way nicer and very durable.
  3. Empreinte speedy for 2 reasons:
    1) MC looks heavy
    2) strap options of empreinte speedy b

  4. Seeing as you have some MC pieces I would get the Empreinte speedy, plus I think the strap makes this one a bit more practical and user friendly.
  5. I love the Empreinte speedy! I agree with the strap being more practical.
  6. Emp Speedy! I just think it's a more versatile bag. Looks great casual or dressed up, with the strap or as a handheld. The strap is comfortable and gives you three different ways to wear the bag. Love the gorgeous leather and the imprinted Monogram. It's all weather, no vachetta. I just really adore this bag. I have the 25in Infini and it's my favorite bag.
  7. Emp Speedy. I feel the MC bag line is very early 2000 - back when Jessica Simpson used to carry that white MC around and call it her "baby Louie" anyone remember that? Everyone wanted that bag back then. Nowadays, I don't see it much at all, and though it would be lovely to have it in your collection, I don't think it would be a "go with everything bag" because it would be a bit too trendy.

    You could just get MC SLG - like the really cute Cles and get the Emp Speedy. I've seen MsPanders TPFer and Youtuber have the SLG MC wallet and the Emp Speedy Infi --wow what a lovely combination. You get the best of both worlds!
  8. I'd do the Empreinte Speedy but in black
  9. Emp Speedy
  10. I have the multicolor speedy in white and en empriente speedy 30 in Terre. I love both but the multicolor is tdf! Only a few have them and there will always be an empriente speedy in different colors too. I know a black one is coming out soon probably in March. Good luck deciding!!
  11. Emp speedy will be more timeless and add some diversity to your collection too.
  12. both are wonderful
    my advice is you should get the infini
    and then the mc in the future - I believe it would still be there
  13. Emp Speedy!
  14. Yes I agree the Empreinte Speedy, here it is in the Infini with the beautiful black MC insolite wallet.

  15. Definitely the emp speedy. It seems like you know it's the right choice you just need the push.. if you know what i mean. Enjoy your mc noe for now, and get something in the emp print. how exciting!