Black MC Speedy today....

  1. I went to LV today intending to buy a black MC speedy IF the colours of it were correct unfortunately the SA brought out 3 black speedies and they were all not the colours I wanted!

    Does anyone know whether I can actually be told when the correct colour combination speedy arrives or is there absolutely no way I can get one in the order I want??

  2. if you have a regular SA you could tell her/him what colours you would like and ask her to give you a call if one comes in
  3. Is that what u usually do??
  4. Hmm i only go for mono so i don't know much but i suggest you ask your SA Good luck i hope you find the colour that you like!
  5. perhaps you can source out a few more places and see what they have or let your SA know exactly what you want in terms of the colors.
  6. Let you sa know what you want.
  7. ughhh... I don't think ANY SA would do that, unless you are a VERY good customer. Also, even if the SA agrees to help you out, s/he has no control over when the bag's going to come in. It'll depend on the store's sales (the bigger, the more incoming new stock), and most of all on which batch you receive. SAs have no say on the normal shipments, so getting a colour of your choice like that is like 1/100 chance.... Good luck! :yes:
  8. I wanted a Black MC Koala bracelet but I wanted a specific colour combination as well. I told my SA which colours I wanted, and she called all the stores in the country (only 4 stores) and asked them to check their inventory and if they had one she'd get them to transfer it.
  9. It's hard getting the exact combo you want!
    I know what you mean though, I'd love to get a black MC purse that matches the combo I want...
    For me, when I get my Eliza, I'm hoping that both LVs at the front of the bag will be bright--say, hot pink and yellow for example! No blue or green and that'd be perfect.
  10. Wow. Color combos? You guys are too advanced for me.
  11. Haha same here. When I got my MC bags it was when they had just come out and there were only one or two in weren't able to choose.
    It's all a luck of the draw color combos will be exactly the same.
  12. Well, my SA's pretty cool. She's looking out for a certain color combo for me too. It doesn't hurt to ask. You may get lucky!
  13. I have too say i wasn't that fussed. i got the pochette MM about a week ago, and loved it at first sight. It is more bright on the front and more subdued on the back (like darker blues etc)

    But like everyone else is saying give your SA a call it cant hurt
  14. Yeah I just wanted to have one with the purple and pink LV logo pockets and white on the side of those, no green and black...the SA just said I will just have to return every month when the current ones are sold and see if I like the new lot...!

    I guess it will be easier if I get the Ursula considering it is all one piece rather than have the pocket bit as well on a get the colour combo I want..!! :confused1: But I guess it really gets down to how helpful the SA is to you.....!
  15. wow I didnt even know there were different color combos lol. I just thought they were all the same