Black MC Speedy 30 or Courtney MM???

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  1. Speedy
  2. Speedy! I think it's more classic than the trendy Courtney.
  3. Definitely black Courtney MM, that's my next purchase :girlsigh:
  4. The Courtney. But I love it in white. It actually looks classy yet punky. I am not a fan of MC but this bag and the white clutch has my name all over it.
  5. I have the courtney MM and LOVE it!!! I love the option of the handheld and shoulder strap plus you can wear it crossbody as well. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!
  6. Which one is heavier?

    I found the MC speedy to be way too heavy!

    The rolled handles contributed to the uncomfortable holding of such a heavy bag.

    I like the thinner handles on the Courtney but is it just as heavy as the MC Speedy?
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    courtney in black..:heart:
  8. I see you are a speedy gal ;) I kind of like the courtney, but not enough to spend that kind of money on it... I think the speedy will always look great, miss Courtney may not be a great style in a few years.
  9. Speedy! The Courtney is WAY too flashy for my tastes!
  10. I also worry that the courtney is for young people only, I am in my late 30's and not sure if the courtney will still be ok for me to use in a few years??? I love both bags so much but just can't decide which to get???

    I do love my speedies dell... lol
  11. If you like the WOW factor then Courtney. Otherwise the speedy. Both are TDF, you cannot go wrong either way. IMO the Courtney is not a work bag.
  12. Black MC :smile:
  13. tough one! i loooovvvve the Courtney MM in black, but I think you should go for the Speedy first since they might not be around much longer. Get the Courtney later.
  14. I love the Courtney, which is weird cause I am not a really big fan of MC, but there is just something about it. Which will you use more? How much do you carry on an everyday basis, etc.?
  15. sorry guys, it won't be used on a daily basis more likely to be used on weekends only...

    Still torn Coutney or Speedy????? Urghhhh.....