Black MC....or White?


What color wapity should I get?

  1. Get a black wapity!

  2. NO! Buy a white one!

  3. I still prefer the regular monogram..

  4. Uh, whats a wapity?

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  1. Every time I'm in my closet I see my white mc speedy replica (:sad:) and it makes me want an MC piece so badly. As I'm already yearning for a wapity, I'm thinking it would look lovely in MC.The problem is, I dont know whether I would want to order the white, or the black. :confused1: I like them both. It'll be my first multicolore piece (if you dont count that speedy..) but I'm not sure which would go best with most things? MC is perfect for spring/summer, so I'm gonna be using it a lot (like if I dont want to bring my entire purse with me)
  2. I love the look of the White MC.
  3. I like the white MC but if you are not sure you can keep it clean, do the black MC. They are both cute.
  4. The speedy that I have is a replica (I didn't know when I got it @ an estate sale) and it is soooo tempting sometimes. It sits there calling "use meee! use meee!" every time i'm in my closet lol
  5. I think either MC is really nice - but I don't like the Wapity, unless you're using it for a camera case. I'd steer you toward a pochette if you want something small. I know a lot of TPFers love the Wapity but I exchanged it for a cosmetique pochette (which I love).

    To pick white or black, picture it with your outfits - which would go better?
  6. What didn't you like about the wapity? I figure it'd be a great thing to use just for my keys, treo, credit cards/money, and lip gloss.
  7. The white MC wapity is TDF!
  8. They'll fit, and you might love it then. I wanted it for my makeup and didn't like the boxiness, the thickness. I wouldn't have used it alone, so it just wasn't for me.

    Now what was nice was the detachable wrist strap - you could use that on a pochette, and that's very nice. If you want to purchase one from LV you're looking at spending $93 USD just for the strap.
  9. I voted for the white mc wapity. If you find a use for it, it is the most adorable piece you can own.
  10. And I do admit that if I needed a camera bag, it would be the perfect camera bag, even with the little pocket inside to hold memory cards.
  11. white white white. it makes the colors pop more :balloon:
  12. I never liked the black really.
  13. i prefer the white MC wapity. :yes:
  14. I like the white!
  15. white