Black MC Noe or Mono Noe?

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  1. Hi there!

    Recently I'm in love with Noe but I'm having problems choosing a black MC petite Noe or Mono petite Noe. I've
    seen alot of people carrying Mono petite Noe IRL but only a handful of people carrying a black MC petite Noe. Which colour do you prefer? Any suggestions?

    I have yet to own a multicolor range, so I'm not too sure the pros and cons of it. Can anyone give me some opinions on this? And also, why is the multicolor range two times more expensive than the mono range? sorry for the dumb question :p
  2. I've been in an MC mood lately... so I say go for the MC Noe! It's sooo cute!

    The MC line is a bit more pricier than the Monogram Canvas range because the multicolor fleurs and LV's are silkscreen onto the canvas. They require a bit more work than the Monogram Canvas.
  3. I'd go for the Black MC Noe! They are sooo pretty IRL!
  4. I am in the process of convincing a friend to get the Black MC Petit Noe for a 21st birthday present, so I am in A MC mood too!!

    Go with Black MC
  5. black mc
  6. Black MC hands down! But price is a lot higher than the mono....
  7. I would definitely get the Black MC Petite Noe.

    It is absolutely beautiful and I think the price is worth it.

    I want one myself.
  8. I'm a little wary of MC despite how gorgeous it is... I'd be more worried about using it than Mono since the price is so much higher.

    I loveeeee the MC NOE, but it is quite pricy, if you have the money ready for it, I say, GO FOR IT! well, for the Mono Noe, I dont really like it, coz once the lether turns soft, it is not that nice anymore, just my opionion, hehe..

    Anyway, good luck!
  10. Thanks for the reply everyone. I'm leaning towards the MC noe as well but I kinda like the mono Noe because it's a classic. MC Noe? Mono Noe? I'm confused!
  11. MC Noe!
  12. MC noe for me too ;)
  13. They're both great bags. Hope you will make one of them yours to love.
  14. black mc
  15. The black MC gets my vote too!