Black MC Cozy or Batignolles Regular?


Which to get?

  1. Black MC Cozy

  2. Batignolles Regular

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  1. As you may know, I've been in search for a black cozy in the colour combo that I want (lots of pink and purple) forever.

    I did a charge-send for one in Montreal which was said to have lots of pink and purple. My SA called me yesterday to tell me it had arrived and I found out that the colour combo isn't any better than the ones at my store. (only one pink LV at the front and one in the back where no one can see, and then 3 green LVs and one blue, no purple)

    I guess this just means that the colour combo I want doesn't exist, so should I just settle for this one?

    Or should I forget about the Cozy altogether, get the Batignolles Regular instead and never ask about the Cozy again?

    I'm heading to LV tommorrow. Help. :sad:
  2. Do you really really really want the Cozy?

    I'd pick a bag over an accessory 90% of the time, so I voted for the Batignolles.
  3. I'd get the bag and get another MC wallet later on. ;)
  4. Well I wanted a coin purse to use with my Pomme Koala Wallet because the coin compartment in that wallet is quite small.

    I did the calculation and I'd have to pay $429.40 more to get the Batignolles.
  5. I'll get the Batignolles instead :smile:
  6. I'd get the cozy, IMO it is just so irresistable (the cute button gets me) & it will look excellent with your pomme koala wallet!!! :greengrin:
  7. I am waiting for my perfect MC Cozy too (but in white). If I were you, I wouldn't "settle" for my second fav color combo.
  8. Hey Arnott - what's the colour combo you want ? I go to the Yorkdale store pretty regularly and I can keep my eyes peeled for you too. :graucho:

    And I'd get the accessory, since it's what you REALLY have your heart set on !
  9. I would go for the Batignolles Regular
  10. Go for the Batignolles Regular.
  11. you really need another bag? I dunno, I'm not a fan of the batig. regular so my vote for cozy cuz it's sooo darn cute and really useful :smile:

    i was just gonna pm you to get an update on the cozy
  12. Sounds like you don't want to dish out the extra $400 to buy the bag. May as well stick with your initial decision then.
  13. I'd go for the Batignolles :smile:.
  14. I wanted 2 pink LVs or a pink and a purple LV ON THE FRONT.
  15. i like the batignolles