Black MC canvas cut, RE: colors

  1. I was reading via this other old thread:

    About the diffent ways the MC canvas is cut. I'm thinking of (possibly) going with the Black MC Aurelia MM for my next LV.

    Of course, I want a lot of pinks & purples.:P Btw, this would be my 1st Black MC. (I have the white MC speedy, which I ordered from Elux.) So I had no color/preference choice. But it is beautiful!:love:

    I plan on purchasing from the store this time...and wonder if when you have purchased your Black MC bags....Did you ask to see a few different ones in order to find your color preference? Or did you just go with what they gave you..Were you told the canvas is cut all the same? Was the SA nice about bringing out a few bags to choose from?:shrugs:

    I like the color pattern from the vuitton website. But isn't that one a proto-type. I've heard they add "red" or whatever to protect them from people stealing there pics. Go to Aurelia MM and select starts showing a lil video and shows the colors up close. Are there bags out there that have this much pinks/purples?? (If so, I'd be sold on that one!:love: )...or like I said...(is it just a proto type??) When they say some have more pinks/purples, do they look similar to the one on :s

  2. I did this with my mc speedy.

    I wanted tons of pink and waited for that bag, its just a matter of how the canvas is cut as to what color scheme you get.

    Thus the reason why every bag is different, so as to see several bags and pick the one with the colors you like best.
  3. love this color pattern for the white lots of pinks/purple

    Like this too
    [​IMG] Both these pic's are of the GM ( that is what i clicked but look at how many lv's are on the white compared to the black) Obviously they are using a MM for the black pic
  4. Ya, the white has more pinks/purples. Ya, I like that black one...seems to have more pinks/purples on it from other pics I've come across on the net. Others I've seen have more greens, blues, yellows...or something...and less pinks/purples. The pink/purple colors on the black look so pretty!:love: