Black MC Beverley?? Thoughts?

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  1. Any thoughts on this new baby anyone? I kinda of like it...saw it at the boutique today and not available for sale yet..urgghhh this was not on my mind at all until now.. Noe Noelie posted pictures in the reference area...shucks should not have peeped into the this is haunting me :Push:
  2. I can't wait to see it. I personally won't see it in person- No LV around here but I can't wait to see when people post real pictures of it!

    I had the Mono Beverly but got rid of it because there was so much vachetta... But I would love to own an MC piece and this has crept into my mind as something I might rethink...- I love the idea of the chain on the strap. Would like to see it up close though.
  3. Yeah...the strap is more attractive now with the chain.urrgghh..I have attached the picture ;) I have a white Trouville and been wanting a black MC...wondering this THE one?:P for me, I don't mind all the vachetta
    Black beverlymm.jpg
  5. It's exquisite; if you get it, you MUST post modelling pics!
  6. It is absolutely beautiful!
  7. ^^hmmm Kitsunegrl I love your black priscillia and but it's too small for back to the beverly (oops I spelt it wrongly in the title of thread)..yeah I will post if I get it....still it is quite heavy as a shoulder bag..hmm..maybe some tpfers will get suck into it and post it earlier ha ha -- they are always so quick to post..
  8. love it!!!
  9. Get it! i also want one for myself! I'm already in love with this bag... i think it's not heavy and yes, the chains (i love love love the chains)! It's beautiful! For me, this is the little Ursula!
  10. So pretty!!
  11. Wow, it's looks great .... oh yes, get it definitely!

    I'd love to see it in white!
  12. I love it and have been waiting for the right black MC bag. I especially like the added chain links. LV has it on the UK site.
  13. OMG it's BEAUTIFUL!!! I really really love it, it looks perfect to me! Pity I'm on a ban now...
  14. omg, i love it. i've also been wanting to get a black MC bag, and i think this is it. if you do get it, please share modeling pics
  15. I am not a big fan of the Beverly so the MC version doesn't really excite me.