Black MC bags..."out"?? UMM...<LONG>!

  1. Ok...

    I was wondering...Since I rarely see the Black MC bags...Mostly white...(and other PFers have said they mostly see white as well).

    Here's a thread I started on the subj.:

    ......If they were "out"?:s :sad:

    I'm juggling the idea of getting a Black MC Aurelia MM, but started thinking...the MC line has been out a few yrs. now...and "mostly" see the white. Would it be worth it for me to go with the black MC (spend all that money) on a bag that may be out, or just not as "in" as it once was?? I don't know...:shrugs: I know it shouldn't matter,...I mean if you like the bag, "who cares??" But..ugh it's bugging me!:wtf:

    I want something different. At first I thought that was going with another brand. I was looking at Gucci online, then went to the Gucci store. Saw one I liked...but I just didn't love it enough to buy it. Love LV more!:love:

    Then I'm like perhaps "another" mono. Not too sure about that. I have like 9 (i think) already. I have 1 MC in white..the Speedy, a denim baggy gm (fushchia), also a damier speedy.

    I have no black. I "too" always liked the white. But since I want something different, the other day when I went to LV decided "for the heck of it" to try on some black MC bags. Hmm...I thought, " this looks sorta cool..., different".:supacool: We'll see, I'm still contemplating this whole "Black MC" thing. LOL! It just seems as though since I never see anyone with black...I feel like "am I going to be the only walking around with a black MC bag??" I know that sounds silly, and is untrue..that's just how I feel. :shame: The other thing that bugs me "sorta" is that I'm more of a "brown" person. I mean when you buy shoes, etc. Or coats/jackets..I always, always get brown. But...I do want a change, and the Black MC was different, a change for me. I like all the pretty colors w/ the black. UGH! This is driving me nutty already!:hysteric:

    Thx all for listening....<SIGH> Just had to get that all out...Awww...
  2. I have a Black MC Speedy. I love it. I do not think its OUT?
  3. Ugh, then I tell myself....Well, I see people carrying there Dooney IT bags w/ the black background and multicolore DB logos...(which was copied from LV) and they still seem to be wearing theres.:idea:

    LOL, I'm looking at a pic of the Black Aurelia MM from the Vuitton site...and I'm lovin' it. Go figure...:rolleyes: "Decisions":yucky:
  4. It is summer time, wait till f/w you might see more black MC, why not be different and get the black so your not like everyone else?
  5. You are too cute!!! IMO, if you are having second thoughts about a bag and really have to think about it, you shouldn't get it. I remember how I couldn't sleep when they called me about my black MC speedy and almost got pulled over for speeding the next morning on the way to the store!!! I am still as in love with it today as I was three years ago!:nuts: I like the fact that I am the only one in my town with a real:lol: black MC bag!:graucho: Have you entertained the option of getting one on eBay for less money? I know some people see them as "trendy" and "tacky" but it really shouldn't matter if you really LOVE it! How about a black Epi something?:idea:
  6. I hate the D & D black multi colored ones, I dont think you can compare the two. Its like saying caviar and ding dongs are similiar because they are both black. KWIM? No offense to D & B I like some of there stuff just not the black one.
  7. I have a black MC speedy, too! I still love it and use it :yes: !!
  8. I don't think the black it out. I think that when you compare the black and white side by side there is just something about the white that draws people to it. It's a litte more girly and I think the color shows better. I think the white is more fun, where as the black is more practical. You can use it in the winter and you don't have to worry about it getting as dirty.

  9. I've read other threads concerning the black/white MC...saying white mostly for spring/summer...and black pretty much yr. around. I'm in So. Calif. and it's been smoldering hot. But I already have a white MC, so...the black seems like it would give me a change.

    See, I've thought that too.."hmm, I'll be walking around w/ something that's not seen all the time.." So, then that starts to appeal to me.:yes:
  10. LOL, I know what you mean. I just meant that if people are walking around with the IT bags in black...which is like...Uhh LOL ding dongs....Then "dang ck me out" w/ my LV black "caviar" bag. heehee!:lol:

    btw..(also no offence to D&B) ;)
  11. Hi there! DO get a black MC bag! Believe me, they are not outdated, especially not in black! I've had my black MC Alma for 2.5 years and use it everywhere, it's just perfect! It's kinda classic and stands out but doesn't scream out loud like the white MC; it's eye-catching and the different colours are fun and don't make it look as boring as the monogram canvas. Last year I bought the white MC speedy which may well be the most beautiful bag in history, but in real life I don't find it very practical as I get people staring and making (good) comments and compliments all the time, which is great in a way but I have to really be in the mood for all that. That's why I prefer the black MCs :smile:
  12. Heehee, thx!:smile: Uhh, no...LOL no ebay for me. But, ya..I've looked at the epi line not "too sure" about it yet. I do like the Speedies...but, I'm opting for a shoulder bag this time. Haven't seen one in the epi line that I like...
  13. A Noe, maybe?!:graucho:

  14. LOL, You're funny Irene. :lol: I "Noe" (no pun intended) how you are with your Noes! heehe!:wlae: (hmm, but isn't it pronounced Noeeey? That's how the SA said it the other day..) ahh, who cares...I couldn't resist anyway..

    Well, I did look at the Noe in Black MC. But............back when I was a teenager I had a bag in that style...and it was so hard to get in and out of (the drawstring) I swore I'd never get another like it. I've always wondered....since you have a nice number of them:yes: ...Is this the case with the Noe as well??:shrugs:
  15. I hope they are not out because I just got a black MC noe I LOVE IT!!