Black MC Aurelia GM or Black Suhali Lockit?

  1. So, I only have a few days to decide if I want to beat the price hike.

    My first thought is Balck Suhali Lockit PM or MM, but as we are often want to do, I am second guessing myself and considering a Black MC Aurelia GM.

    I have no black MC bags, only platform slides and wrapidy. And I am really loving my white Aurelia GM right now. It is the perfect tote/shoulder size for me...I have had it for awhile, but only started using it a week ago...doh! :Push:
    Now even if sunny CA:beach: , it's just about time to store the white MC for awhile, so thinking the black MC.

    What do you think?
  2. I own an MC alma and rarely use it so I would say go for the suhali! Ohh I think the black suhali is soooo HOT!!
  3. Love your new pic Crys!!!

    I say get a Suhali Lockit MM!!!! :biggrin:
  4. i prefer the Suhali Lockit. it's so classy! the Aurelia looks a bit tacky :blah:
  5. get the suhali. its hoott. hahaha
  6. I would go for the black suhali lockit, it's gorgeous.
  7. I say Aurelia GM. The Suhali Lockits look plain to me. Any other Suhali bag would be better than the Aurelia, but not the Lockit. IMO.
  8. I know the aurelia doesn't have a lot of fans, I think that's why I had second thoughts and didn't use the white one for the longest time... but now that I started using it, I do love is the perfect size for me...fits everything...tote style..just yum!

    LOL, the lockit is the first suhali I absolutly love!
  9. I agree! I returned my black Suhali wasn't working for me!
  10. thats a tough choice as both are great bags and you cant go wrong with either. since you already have an aurelia, i would freshen up with something new.

    i never really liked the lockit until i saw this picture in the Saks catalog. it really changed my mind about it :wtf:

  11. totally go for the suhali lockit!!!
  12. They are both so different, it's kind of hard to choose. I personally prefer the Suhali. I think it is so chic and timeless. Yet the MC does make a statement. Tough decision. Try both of them on.:yes:
  13. Thanks everyone!
  14. No doubt, Suhali Lockit:yes:
  15. I own the suhali lockit pm in white and LOVE it:yahoo: I adore the style so much I am considering purchasing the black MM:shame: