Black Mayfair came....

  1. and it is SO NOT ME. Well, I knew that from the beginning, but it is SO CUTE, that I thought it would be a GREAT bag for special occasions. Most of my bags are very very casual, Gucci canvas, Speedy....nothing quilted leather with a gold chain. It came, I was excited, tried it on with different outfits, and it is SO NOT ME. I'm not used to my bag hanging so low (since the chain is quite long). Way too small for my taste. BF laughed when he saw me with it and agrees, way too small for me. I'm only 5'1 and love love bigger than medium bags. It really is a gorgeous bag, just not for me!

    On eBay it goes, so I can fund my next purchase..I think I want this bag...

    I can wear this with casual attire (right?). It's bigger, and the handles are just the right size. Wish me luck on finding this!

    Thanks for listening to my rant!
  2. sorry to hear it didn't turn out. where did you find the black mayfair? i think it's soooo cute. funny, i'm 5'1 too and i LOVE huge bags ! great minds think alike.

    the quilted bag is very cute. def can wear it w/ casual wear, particularly bc of the colour.

    good luck on finding it. if i see anything, will let you know!
  3. ^^ I got the bag at Nordstrom for quite a good deal.

    My smalllest bag is probably twice the length, 1 1/2 times the height, and 3-4 times the width! I have too many things I need to carry!
  4. sorry the bag didn't work out for you, but i know what you mean. i love love love big bags. i have a few small sized bags, but the mayfair would be even smaller than them, but it's definitely a cute style. couldn't you just return the bag to Nordstrom? do you think you'll get more money selling it through eBay? i heard seller's and paypal's fees were killer these days.
  5. Sorry it's not for you. It's such a cute bag. I was offered the Mayfair in teal by an SA and declined, even though it was only about $350 I think. While I like bigger bags for every day, I do like smaller bags for going out. I LOVE the way the Mayfair looks but am not convinced the long strap making it hang lower is really for me. I mean, I get annoyed at my Chanel flap and that hangs considerably higher than the Mayfair. Still such a pretty bag though...

  6. ^^^

    Yeah the fees are killers! If the bag sells, I think I'll be paying about $80-100 in fees, however I think I might be able to make a few bucks too. Also, my SA from Nordstrom went through a lot to get it for me, and if I return it, doesn't that mean she wont get that commission? She's always been helpful, (I call her at least once a week!) so I'll feel bad.
  7. ^^

    Also, I'm just starting to sell on ebay, and I actually enjoy it very much! I've sold a few items and have not made any profit (nor did I make my money back). I guess I'm just weird and like the thrill!
  8. i was wondering about the commission too! I had a burberry coat sent by such a nice SA and i feel so bad that i want to return it- what happens with that?
  9. ^^
    This SA goes out of her way to find things for me. I browse online, call her, she orders it, waives shipping, and is so super nice. A lot of the time I'm only ordering 1-2 items, but I call back within a week to order more and I just basically never stop calling her.
  10. aww so sorry it didnt work out for you... but nice choice on getting a blake instead!! i'm 5'2 and i think the blake is a perfect size for my height! :tup: and it can go casual and formal (depends on which coor you get)
  11. i think they definitely lose the comission :sad:
  12. I listed the bag, I don't know if I should put that I'm a tpf member. hmm
  13. I'm sorry it didn't work out, but that's good that it was an easy decision! The blake is lovely, and sounds like it's much more your style. :yes:
  14. The Blake is perfect...I am 5'1 too and I love my blakes...perfect size (though tend to be on the heavier side). Great choice. Hope you find her soon!!!

    Sorry to hear about the's such a gorgeous bag and I thought of getting one but I know the fact that it hangs low would have bothered me quite a bit.
  15. It's such a beautiful bag--sorry it didn't work out!!